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Convert your website into downloadable mobile apps for iOS and Android.

It just works perfectly.

Our technology maintains your website UI and functionality in the apps we develop; if you web application already does what it does best, why have it rebuilt again from ground-up when we provide a better solution? We have modified and advanced our container to ensure your app feels native and swift with essential integrations.

Example: Website ➡️ Android + iOS App
Website ➡️Android
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Low Price

Instead of spending several thousands on an iOS developer, and another few thousands on an Android developer, we enable you to have both iOS and Android apps built for a total cost of only $279. Why build from ground-up for the web, iOS, and Android separately when you can do all at once? Our only competitor in the market charges over five times more as they probably thought they had a monopoly.


Live Updates

Any updates you make to your website, such as to UI or content, immediately cascades over to our mobile apps. Your app pretty much appears just as your website does; if your site looks good, so will your app! That's a certain beauty you cannot achieve with your typical apps—it completely eliminates the need to hire both an iOS and Android developer all over again just to make modifications to your app!


Push Notification Integration

Reignite activity with push notifications! At the click of a button, you will be able to send push notifications to your users: send promotional information, reminders, or more! You can also specify to send these push-notifications only to users who have been inactive for a certain period of time.


App Store Publishing

We will help with the gruelling process of publishing your apps to the App Store and Google Playstore (note that you will need to purchase a subscription for an Apple Developer Account at US$99 and Google Play Developer Account at US$25)


Feel Native

A splash screen when opening your app is integrated. Admob and interstitial ad integration are optional. Orientation may be fixed to only portrait mode. Native offline screen with "try again" button when wifi is down is integrated. Other ways to make the app feel native can be done through your website (e.g. disabling zooming, toolbars, navigation buttons etc.)



Our work is typically accomplished within 2-3 weeks. This is amazing speed compared to squandering roughly half a year in development time for the average apps.

Plans and Pricing.

Just like any app that needs to be submitted to the App Store, you will need to purchase your own Apple Developer Account subscription for US$99. Purchasing the same for Google Play for US$25 is optional to distribute Android apps. These prices are not included below. As we target start-ups and small businesses, we have kept our prices affordable.

Android Only


  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Included Google Play Publishing
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iOS AND Android


  • ($128) Android
  • ($131) iOS
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Included App Store and Google Play Publishing to your accounts
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iOS Only


  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Included App Store Publishing to Your Account
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If there is anything unsatisfactory that is our responsibility, we will provide up to 100% refund for the particular App(s) (iOS or Android) that faces the issue. Note that we are not responsible for issues that have to do with your website rather than the app code.

Hear What Our Customers Say.

  • “Really happy with the speed.” Founder, Ty Daniel Smith

  • “Nice! Didn't expect it to be so quick.”

    — Josh,

  • “Amazing development of impeccable quality. This was money well spent.”

    — Stephen,

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